Edu-Care Recycling UK – Property Strip-Out Services

Edu-Care Recycling UK is a community interest company that is dedicated in helping you with all your recycling needs. We deliver clearances with a goal of 100% customer satisfaction and items we pick up from these clearances are sold at our Portchester showroom. The majority of our items are pre-used but we take every care into making them as good quality as they possibly can be before we advertise them for sale. You can either check out our current products on our website and browse the different categories we have to offer and see if there’s anything that may take your fancy. Primarily we focus on office furniture such as chairs, tables, lamps, clocks and so on, but occasionally we receive unique items which you wouldn’t typically expect to find at Edu-Care Recycling. Alternatively you can pop into our showroom in Portchester to have a browse at our products during our open times and you can speak to one of our experienced staff about any of our products or perhaps any other services we have to offer.

Another service we offer is a property strip out. This basically means we can remove EVERYTHING from your property for a fee, so that includes all office furniture, lamps, carpets etc. If you are looking for a property strip-out look no further than Edu-Care Recycling. We can provide this service so if you are interested please give us a call for a quote.

We are experienced in site clearance and commercial property strip out services. Whether it’s a single room or multi-level office complex, our dedicated team are on hand to provide a safe, hassle free clearance. As we are able to recycle high percentages of materials removed, we are able to undercut our competitors on price as usually they will incorporate high charges from third party waste disposal companies. We will operate on a time scale to suit your needs and implement the relevant health and safety requirements for the site specific job.