Edu-Care is committed to recycling. Where possible we repair broken equipment and furniture so it can be recycled. We recycle electrical items according to the WEEE regulations and 90% of the items we clear we recycle, dramatically reducing the amount of waste going to landfill sites.


We are a Community Interest Company, so 100% of our profits go to charity. We also sell and donate low cost furniture and equipment to charities and third sector organisations that really need it. This allows them to spend money on other things.


We up-skill unemployed people in the community by providing work placements, training, work skills and volunteer opportunities. We offer 2 day taster sessions, work experience placements and apprenticeships, and work with Work Programme providers to find suitable employees for our vacancies.

Our Process

It’s simple, good for you and good for the community…

We Collect

We provide free quotations to cover the collection and disposal costs of your redundant furniture, we are often more cost effective than our competitors.

We Repair and Recycle

Our specialist team go through the collections to ethically (and legally) dispose of the waste that we can’t repair in the most environmentally friendly ways.

We Resell

Our process allows us to offer incredibly competitive prices to office furniture sourced in an environmentally friendly way, giving you a great deal.

We Collect

100% of our profits go straight back into the community, making everyone a winner. You can keep up-to-date with our charity projects here.

Get in touch…

Send us a business enquiry with some brief information and your question, and we’ll get right back to you.